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How to Study Any Language on Your Own?

How to Study Any Language on Your Own?-1

Do you wish to know the difference between “bien” and “bueno”, “ellos” and “ellas”, “der” and “die”? Wanna read the posts by your role models despite the language they are written in? Wish to survive in a non-English speaking country? The only way to do so is to study other languages.

We would recommend trying the easiest one, Spanish. You can also choose between the rest of the world’s top demanded languages: German, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabian, etc. It depends only on your desire and life goals. If you do not really want to study another language, don’t even try to: without a sincere desire, all of your attempts will fail.

Self-made Girl

A teacher is there only to assist and direct students. He cannot force you to learn, but he can motivate and inspire you. If you can find motivation to study at least three times per week on your own (it is better to choose the same time), why shouldn’t you give it a try?

Mind the way you perceive things! There are four known perceptions: kinesthetic, the visual, audial, and digital. Even your temper (choleric, sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic) plays a great role when learning a language. The first two take it easy when studying in a group: the competition stimulates them to work harder. Melancholic type performs well with an individual coach. Phlegmatic people are that type of guys who can figure out everything on their own. Visuals have to pay more attention to cards, images, and movies (not necessarily educational ones); audials will best memorize the material when listening to audio tapes; kinesthetics are better to spend more time in the company of native speakers.

7 Rules of Self-Education

If you feel confident enough to study on your own, here are our useful tips:

  • It is critical to use additional materials except for the main textbook and dictionary. Do not focus on the program only. If you wish to speak Spanish or Russian like your native language, you have to make it part of your life. 
  • While heading to school/college/university/office, instead of listening to Taylor Swift or One Direction, choose some audio materials in the original language.
  • Watch the educational video lessons. You can select them in the shape of fun cartoons. You may download thousands of them online for free.
  • Subscribe to the communities dedicated to the targeted language. Follow Facebook and Twitter groups and pages to stay on the way. Remember: social networks are useful not only for chatting and posting images endlessly, but for sharing knowledge as well.
  • Listen to the radio of the host country, just like American BBC.
  • If you cannot get the new words, memorize them with the help of associations. There is a lot of recommendations concerning this point in the Internet, but it is even more useful to come up with your own.
  • Download free essays, research papers, case studies etc. on StudentShare to improve your knowledge of a particular language! 

 If you find it too much difficult, your failure may be caused by:

How to Study Any Language on Your Own?-2

Your laziness. Be sincere with yourself. Also, the problem might be caused by the short-term memory. Only drills will help you in this case. Those are repetitive practices focused to memorize a single word. Concerning grammar and vocabulary, some need to write more, others have to read more, while for the rest it is enough simply to take a look at new words and rules. The only thing we know for sure is that the more you watch and listen, the better language skills you gain.

Why wouldn’t you watch the upcoming Hunger Games in Spanish instead of doing it in familiar English?

It is important to realize that no special talents are required to study simply any language in the world. It is not a music talent which is usually given from the birth. Language is something that needs everyday practice. It’s all about the time spent on studying a particular language. Believe it or not, but you can learn Japanese as easy as you learn Italian.

3 Reasons Why You Fall Behind

You are not satisfied with the suggested educational program. E.g., you are given a hundred pages to read and discover all the words beginning with “A” to interpret their meaning. Perhaps, you are more interested in having a part-time job to save money in order to visit language camp later.

The lack of patience and attention. The level of your knowledge and accuracy depends on how attentive you are during the sessions. A student with such problem has to pass special training courses aimed to improve focus first. Also, try to create an atmosphere where nothing will distract you.

The blind belief you do not have a gift for learning languages. As it was said above, anyone can learn any language. It does not require any specific talent, only desire and efforts. We would say minimum efforts, as far as learning language requires less skills than, for instance, statistics or chemistry.

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