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Cigarette Smoke - Article Example

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Addicted smokers will always feel inactive until they smoke enough nicotine. Along with nicotine, smokers also inhale over 7,000 chemicals in cigarette…
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Extract of sample "Cigarette Smoke"

Download file to see previous pages It is a term that refers to a mixture of particles which are suspended in tobacco smoke. These particles contain chemicals, as well as cancer-causing substances. Tar is brown and sticky poisoning stains on fingernails, teeth, and lung tissue.
This gas is deadly if consumed in large amount because it replaces oxygen in the red blood cell. Red blood cell contains haemoglobin that transports oxygen molecules from the lungs to other parts of the body. On the other hand, haemoglobin has higher affinity to carbon monoxide as compared to oxygen. This shows that less oxygen reaches the brain, muscles, heart and other organs
The lungs have tiny hairs that help in moving foreign substances out. Hydrogen cyanide prevents this lung clearance system from functioning properly hence poisonous chemicals in tobacco smoke can pile up inside the lungs. Other chemicals in cigarette smoke that harms the lungs include nitrous oxide, hydrocarbons, organic acids, oxidizing agents and phenols.
These are extremely reactive chemicals that can destroy the blood vessels and the heart muscles. They react with the cholesterol therefore leading to the build-up of fatty material on the walls of the artery. Their effects lead to stroke, heart disease and blood vessel disease.
Smoking is harmful to your health from the very first cigarette. This is because some of the chemicals contained in the smoke have an instant effect on the body. Carbon monoxide from the smoke is taken into the blood instead of oxygen. This leads to the body cells getting less oxygen for respiration process and as a result, being unable to breathe when having some exercise. This is mainly damaging during pregnancy as it will starve the developing baby from oxygen.
A healthy respiratory system is cleansed continuously. The respiratory tubule produced mucus that traps disease-causing organisms and dirt which cilia moves toward the mouth, where it is eliminated. Smoking really ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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