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Development and Implementation of Asbestos Public Policy - Research Paper Example

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The current paper highlights that asbestos is a natural material commonly found in the rock formations. It is basically a compound consisting of six natural silicate minerals. Asbestos is present all around the world and is commonly used for commercial purpose.
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Development and Implementation of Asbestos Public Policy
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Download file to see previous pages At present, there are strict policies developed and implemented to safeguard the health of people from the devastating effects of asbestos3.
The essay aims to discuss the development and implementation of asbestos public policy. In this regard, the essay identifies the health risks associated with asbestos to elucidate the environmental concerns associated with this material and affirms the exigency of developing a public policy regarding the use of asbestos. The essay traces the evolution of awareness regarding the harmful effects of asbestos on people health and describes the phases of development and implementation of asbestos public health policy. It is revealed that asbestos could cause serious harms to the health of the people especially upon those engaged in the construction industry. The exposure of asbestos has become an important environmental concern and public health safety activists insist upon the development of adequate public policy to assure the preservation of human health from this material. There is a significant level of awareness among policymakers and the general public due to which there are adequate policies created to save the health of the living beings from the detrimental effects of asbestos4.
The health conditions of people are exposed to great health risks during the erection, renovation, and repairs of the buildings when asbestos is immensely infiltrated into the environment5. During this process, different people are exposed to asbestos-like construction workers, labor, supervisors, trade people, customers, managers etc. These people face high risks from a concentration of the asbestos fibers present in the environment and it is essential that the related people must be well trained regarding the adequate handling of the asbestos-containing material. The workers or labor is more likely to face the negative and harmful effects of asbestos because these people have direct exposure to this material and there are more chances that they will inhale asbestos fibers during breathing at the construction sites.    
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