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In the production of acrylic acid there are several hazards involved which may include: Physical, fire, explosive, reactive, health, systematic and target organ hazards. A chemical may have physical hazards when, it burns or support fire, i.e. ethyl acetate, isopropyl ether…
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Download file to see previous pages Of all the above solvents the use of diisobutyl ketone is less hazardous since it is miscible with most organic solvents and immiscible with water, it has a slow evaporating rate but has a high boiling point, has a good viscosity reduction, reduction of surface tension in high-solid coating.
The major damage can be caused by spillages of which may result in irritation and burns to the eyes, nose, throat and skin, rashes to the skin, there might be cases of skin allergy with rash and itchiness. This can be control via the use of Butyl neoprene (gloves and boots), coveralls and respirators (full facepiece APR with OV cartridges 20ppm supplied air.).
The basic function of any respirator is usually to protect from inhaling of hazardous chemicals or gases, they include full face piece respirator, half mask piece respirator, quarter mask respirator. The full face piece covers the greatest area from around the hairline to the chin as compared to half mask which covers from nose to chin and quarter mask which covers only the eye and the nose, hence the most appropriate to use is the full face piece since it ensures maximum area covered hence high protection.
As mentioned above other hazards may include reactive hazards, this are mostly caused by release of gases which in turn burns/explode or causes high pressure hence inflicting injury to a person. Also there is pyrophoric hazards, this are chemicals that ignite in the air at a temperature of about 130oF e.g. lithium, powered aluminum etc. the best way to prevent this is by seeking of toxicity data from literature, private sources or even ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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