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Chemistry - Term Paper Example

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Oxygen is a chemical element that largely forms part of the atmospheric and is widely recognized with the sustenance of life and survival of organisms. It has a formula of O­2. As a chemical element, this substance has an atomic number of 8 and belongs to the chalcogen group on…
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Download file to see previous pages Identification by mass sets this element as the third-most abundant element in the universe after elements of hydrogen and helium. Representatively by dry air volume, oxygen forms about 20.9476% (209,460 ppmv) of the atmosphere by volume at the sea level temperatures of 150C; thus, making it the third largest compound.
Understanding the composition of oxygen and its molecular composition is essential in its incorporation to further chemical uses given that it is a primary atmospheric industrial gas product. For instance, given that one has 32 grams of oxygen, this will be equivalent to one mole of Oxygen gas while 16 grams of the same would be a representation of Oxygen element. This implies that the molecular mass of Oxygen is 32 grams while its atomic mass is 16 grams. By ratio compared to dry air, Oxygen forms about 23.20% of the atmospheric air by weight and has a boiling point of -182.950C.
Oxygen forms about 85% of the earth’s elements such as oceans, and is a component of most minerals and rocks given that 46% of these rocks and minerals comprises of Oxygen. Subsequently, the compound forms about 60% of the human body mass.
Oxygen as a chemical compound possess distinct properties such as being colorless, being tasteless and odorless. Oxygen also has the property of being poorly soluble in water. A particular gravity of 1.105 is enough to make oxygen be slightly heavier than air. When the Oxygen is cooled to its boiling point of -1830C, it turns appearance and becomes a transparent, pale blue liquid that has a slightly heavy weight than water.
Oxygen as a compound can react with all elements, excluding the inert gases resulting in the formation of oxides through a varied reaction rate (oxidation). Even though oxygen in itself is non-flammable, it enhances the combustion process; thus, enabling all flammable materials to burn vigorously. The use of oxygen in industrial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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