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Scientific American article about cholesterol - Essay Example

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In the past, people believed that high density lipoprotein could protect the heart against stroke risk or heart attack and low density lipoprotein increased the risk of the two. Researchers recently then decided to do research on both these lipoproteins to find out if changing…
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Scientific American article about cholesterol
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"Scientific American article about cholesterol"

Download file to see previous pages s because, in the past, people used to think that altering the level of any of this would have an impact on the overall outcome on heart attacks occurrence and risk.
After research, it was found out that lowering the levels of low density lipoproteins in the body had did not decrease the risk of one getting strokes or heart attack. The study also found out that increasing the levels of high density lipoproteins is not cardio-protective from heart attacks or the occurrence of strokes2. In as much as studies have been made on many causes of heart attack or stroke, people had believed that it was possible to lower the levels of low density lipoproteins to high density lipoproteins and improve one’s risks of getting heart attack or stroke. These research opened the eyes of many people especially doctors, since they were the ones dispensing drugs to convert low density lipoproteins to high density lipoproteins in order to achieve good cholesterol levels in the body. This research hence brought light to the people.
From the study, giving of drugs that convert LDL to HDL may bring controversy. In the past, HDL was believed to be a transporter of cholesterol from the arteries to the liver. Low density lipoprotein in turn takes cholesterol from other places and deposits it to the arterial walls. Hence HDL is regarded as the good cholesterol and the LDL the bad cholesterol. LDL usually increases the risk of one developing blood clots since they can results to the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. More research will have to be done to ascertain other causes of heart attack or stroke other than these lipoproteins3.
Many questions still remain to be answered. After finding out that there is no relationship between the risk of heart attack or stroke with HDL or LDL. More research still has to be done on the risk of heart attack or stroke. These days, more studies have been used to deduce other causes predisposing people to get heart conditions. Research is still made on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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