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Atomic Weight of Magnesium - Lab Report Example

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As well, the amount of reactants needed to produce certain amounts of particular molecules or compounds may be calculated using the balanced equations. It is easy to imagine…
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Atomic Weight of Magnesium
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"Atomic Weight of Magnesium"

Download file to see previous pages The ChemLab was used to simulate the reaction involving Magnesium and Hydrochloric acid, which produced hydrogen gas, magnesium and chloride ions. By measuring the amount of gas produced, the molecular weight of Magnesium was calculated.
Using ChemLab, 30 ml 2M HCl was added to 300 ml H2O. 10 mg Magnesium was then added to the solution. After measuring the amount of Hydrogen produced, the molecular weight (grams per mole) of Magnesium was calculated.
The calculation of the molecular weight using the weight of magnesium and the amount of hydrogen gas released was facilitated by the used of the balanced equation describing the reaction between magnesium and HCl:
This means that a mole of magnesium needs two moles of HCl to produce a mole of hydrogen gas, a mole of magnesium ion, and a mole of chloride ion. This direct relation is applicable only when the parameter compared is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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