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Composition of Reactive Powder Concrete - Research Proposal Example

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The author of this research proposal "Composition of Reactive Powder Concrete" investigates concrete which is considered to be one of the most popular materials, which is used in the construction domain. According to the text, it was introduced by the Romans. …
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Composition of Reactive Powder Concrete
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Extract of sample "Composition of Reactive Powder Concrete"

Download file to see previous pages High strength concrete is known to show properties such as decreased permeability, low creep, shrinkage, etc. it should be noted that high strength concrete is also very brittle, which is an undesirable property(Rossi, 50, 2001). For this purpose, concrete has experimented with several materials in order to remove the brittleness. One such material is the fiber material, which is added to concrete in order to improve its properties. Fiber reinforced concrete was introduced in order to reduce the brittleness of concrete. With its enhanced and improved properties, extensive research and studies have been conducted on it. In recent times, fiber reinforced Reactive Powder Concrete has been subjected to research and development.
As compared to conventional concrete, Reactive Power Concrete is considered to be a new construction material. It exhibits brilliant and outstanding properties such as high strength, toughness, durability, etc. because of these properties, RPC is considered to be an ideal construction material for construction because of its high compressive strength and durability to withstand high tensile forces (Rossi, 51, 2001). RPC and steel bars are used to make reinforced RPC, which has significant conceptual and practical importance. Countries such as China, Koreas, Russia, France, etc have experimented with RPC in order to study and investigate its properties. It was first introduced in the early nineties (Richard, Cheyrezy, 1509, 1995).
The study will employ the used of steel fiber reinforced RPC, which will be developed from the materials which are available locally. The material will be subjected to wide-ranging tests in order to understand and evaluate its material properties. Additionally, time-dependent properties will be analyzed.
Reactive Powder Concrete is considered too high strength material, which has to cement properties. It is made from fine powders and has silica fume content. At the same time, it has a low water-cement ratio as compared to normal concrete. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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