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Supercapacitors applications , environmental issues and safety - Essay Example

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ABSTRACT There has been a growing global demand for cleaner and more ecofriendly method of energy generation and storage. This in turn has heralded researchers to continually improve the existing electronic elements toward this goal leading to the emergence of ground breaking devices like super capacitors…
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Supercapacitors applications , environmental issues and safety
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"Supercapacitors applications , environmental issues and safety"

Download file to see previous pages It is also ecofriendly as opposed to the two. Super capacitors are therefore increasingly becoming more probable solutions over both of them in some occasions INTRODUCTION The demand for environmentally friendly energy is ever growing in this globe of rapidly advancing technology. This is mostly so in the developed nations and more so in the scientific frontier. This has led to the technology of capacitors being refined with the aim of storing more energy in devices so that the lesser environmentally friendly storage products like batteries are facing out. This progress has led to the birth of major adorable devices. Electric double layer capacitor, better known as a super capacitor, is one such device. Super capacitors are also by many other names for instance ultra-capacitors and electric double layer capacitors. Super capacitors are capacitors with high capacitance of greater value compared to the capacitors currently available in the market. It exhibits values of up to close to 400 F in a standard size of a single capacitor. This is achieved through utilization of high surface area electrode materials coupled alongside very thin electrolytic dielectrics. Its first appearance is dated back to close to 2004. Its first application was in 2005 where it was first used in robots and later in Airbuses. Its technology registered within this period was so rapid that is application and market grew so fast. This paper reviews the applications of super capacitors and environmental impact of super capacitors. Super capacitors and the environment Toxicity Super capacitors have no heavy metals in its composing components. This is a big relief when is compared to the batteries which also serve the same purpose as this type of capacitor. Lead batteries have metals like lead making their exposure to the environment hazardous given the toxicity of lead. Some super capacitors use a liquid salt to act as its electrolyte. This liquid is environmentally friendly. On top of that, they have the capability to use electrolytes in the blood further displaying their capability of using common place materials that have totally no harm on the environment. It is approximated that most super capacitors use coconut shells as powdered activated carbon. This is a very environmentally friendly activated carbon with no environmental threat at all. Even when heated or exploded, the emissions are harmless as they majorly contain water contained in the electrolyte. Recycle ability By virtue of being rechargeable, the super capacitors reduces the amount of waste being churned out to the environment however biodegradable. This in turn reduces the environmental pollution. During its entire lifetime of charging and recharging there are no wastes discharged to the environment. Safety The talk of safety is never complete without the consideration of the risks of a product to the user. Even when overcharged, the super capacitor does not explode as the conventional capacitor or battery would. This ensures that the users and handlers of any gadget remain safe even if they forgot to stop its charging in recommended time. Applications By virtue of its numerous advantages, super capacitors are fast gaining popularity in the design of electronic gadgets. The table below contains most of its applications and the role super capacitors play in those gadgets. APPLICATION FUNCTION Mobile phones Real-time Back up Personal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Supercapacitors Applications , Environmental Issues and Safety Essay)
Supercapacitors Applications , Environmental Issues and Safety Essay.
“Supercapacitors Applications , Environmental Issues and Safety Essay”, n.d.
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