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United Nations (UN) was formed in 24 October 1945 aimed at promoting international cooperation owing to the ravaged economic situation at the time was a bad economic situation affected by the political situation of world war two. There were differences in political…
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International Environmental policy
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United Nations: International Environmental Policy United Nations: International Environmental Policy United Nations (UN) was formed in 24 October 1945 aimed at promoting international cooperation owing to the ravaged economic situation at the time was a bad economic situation affected by the political situation of world war two. There were differences in political considerations and aims owing to different sides during the world war two; hence, the need for a unifying factor.
2. United Nations missions include promoting human rights globally, maintenance of peace and security international, and protection of the environment, promoting economic and social development, provision of humanitarian aid in natural disaster, armed conflict, and famine among other emergencies.
3. World Food Program is one of the programs at United Nations and conforms to the missions of United Nations of the provision of humanitarian aid to countries faced by famine and other emergencies. This is because the program ensures the people in need of food and other necessities are provided with; hence, meeting the humanitarian mission of UN. The other program run by the UN is United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) that focuses on poverty reduction, democracy, crisis prevention and recovery, HIV/AIDS, and environment conservation. UNDP conforms to the missions of United Nations since it facilitates social and economic development, and protection of the environment that forms the other missions of UN. Another program taken on by UN is United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF), which coincides with UN’s mission through promoting humanitarian aid and social development.
4. The roles of the general assembly include admitting new members, resolve issues not suggested to Security Council and recommend peaceful settlement, discuss dispute resolution, adopt the budget, and elect UN Security Council nonpermanent members.
The roles of Security Council are mainly maintenance of peace and security internationally through determining if their existence of a threat to peace or aggression internationally and recommend measures of solving the conflict between conflicting parties amicably. However, sometimes sanctions and force is used for achievement of peace with the Russia and Ukraine setting an example. Other roles include recommending a person as UN Secretary-General and admission of new UN members. In collaboration with General Assembly, the other role of Security Council is selection of International Court of Justice Judges.
5. The Security Council is made up of 15 members, five being permanent members (United States, United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia), and ten non-permanent members selected ion regional basis held for two years. The regions are given slots for membership in the Security Council including African group that has three slots, Eastern European Group has a permanent and nonpermanent member, Asia-Pacific Group has one permanent member, and two selected members. The Latin American and Caribbean Group have two selected members with Western European and Others Group has three permanent members and two temporary members. Selected members have two years on the council with the selection procedure being proposition by countries interested n the position from their respective regions, and a vote is taken by UN members to decide the selected members to UNSC.
United Nations. About United Nations. Accessed on 26th October, 2014 from Read More
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