Kinetic versus Thermodynamic Control in Competing Reactions - Lab Report Example

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From the research, it is evident that cyclohexanone has a lower activation energy compared to benzaldehyde semicarbazone. This is apparent when the MW for cyclohexanone is recorded as 98.15g/mol and that one of the benzaldehyde as 106.121g/mol…
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Kinetic versus Thermodynamic Control in Competing Reactions
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"Kinetic versus Thermodynamic Control in Competing Reactions"

From this research it is clear that the compound is normally found in structures that are crystalline. Their C-S bond is similar to the N-N bond which is normally retained in the semicarbazone. This compound has the lowest activation energy. ∆G=∆H- ∆S where ∆G is the Gibbs free energy, ∆H bonding energy, ∆S amount of disorder, and ∆G+ activation energy. Because ∆S is the minimum for most processes, the term could be assumed to ∆G-∆H. According to the thermodynamic versus the kinetic control of the compound, the energy reaction is remaining cold due to the small activation energy. When the reaction remains hot, there would be small energy for the compound to return to its initial state. On the other hand, the benzaldehyde semicarbonate’s activation energy is higher than that of Cyclohexanone semicarbazone because the packing of the crystal of the compound C9H11N3OS has stability due to two NH….o bonds of hydrogen. It has an amino acid which does not take part in the classical bond of hydrogen. The group of methyl is identified in two positions having almost similar occupancies. The compound that is most energetically stable is benzaldehyde semicarbazone. In the experiment, it is observed that benzaldehyde has a higher MW (106.121 compared to that of Cyclohexanone semicarbazone (98.15). It is also observed form the experiment that benzaldehyde semicarbazone has a slightly higher melting point than that of Cyclohexanone semicarbazone. ...
carbazone is cooled from a phase of isotropic, the nucleation genesis begins with the domain that is continuous forming planar structures having colour that is deep violet and displays reflections of the specular. The formed texture is the key traits of the cholesteric phase. This implies that the phase may look unstable and could change itself into a semetic phase. Further cooling causes the radical fringes to be displayed on the focal conic fans textures, and such a phase is linked to the phase of chiral smectic. The chiral smetic phase is extremely stable for different types of temperatures. Other homologues of the compound were identified as having different liquid phases that are crystalline. Such compounds display phases of cholesteric whenever they are exposed to high temperature. Response to question 3. Thermodynamic product C A B Kinetic product Diagram 4. Diagram 5. In this reaction whenever the pH is less than seven the reaction would be fast whereas when the pH is greater than seven the reaction would be slow. When the pH is much less than seven the reaction would be extremely slow thus not a nucleophilic reaction. Whenever the temperature is zero degrees Celsius, the reaction would be kinetic controlled, and the kinetic products would be made first. When the temperature of the reaction is about twenty five degrees Celsius, the reaction would form a mixture whereby there would be less energy for the reaction going back. At a temperature of about eighty degrees Celsius, the reaction would be a thermodynamic control reaction. Response to question 4. Kinetic control reaction or thermodynamic control reaction can dictate the reaction composition of a product mixture during the competing of the pathways directed towards different reactions and products. The Read More
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At first, I thought 7 of pages is too much for such a question. But now I see it could not be done better. As the author starts you see the difficulty of the topic. I’ve read all at once. Great essay
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