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How Gas Laws Apply In the Health Care Industry - Research Paper Example

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Gas laws play a significant role in everyday life. The laws have a significant influence on the lives of living organisms. The atmospheric pressure, respiratory system of living organisms, etc all work according to the ideas detailed in the gas laws. …
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How Gas Laws Apply In the Health Care Industry
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"How Gas Laws Apply In the Health Care Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the arms and ammunition works utilizing the principles of the gas laws. A bullet utilized the gas pressure to be shot from the bullet. This high pressure is attained by igniting the gunpowder present in the bullet. Rockets also have the same principle but a rocket requires a lot more fuel to attain such a pressure due to its weight as compared to a bullet. In this way, the significance of the gas laws is in every aspect of life. Gas laws are applicable to most of the industries to provide goods and services to the customers. Gas Gas is a state of matter in which the molecules of the matter remains apart from each other, in this way, the volume of the gas remains higher as compared to its weight. Gas may be colorless and odorless but gases have odor and slightly light color like chlorine has a stingy smell while oxygen is colorless and odorless (West 2008). Difference between Gas and Other Type of Matter The other two states of matter are solid and liquid. The molecules of the solids are such liked to each other that the molecules can only vibrate maintaining their position because of external force. In liquids, the molecules are liked to each other but in relatively loose bond than that of the solids. In this way, the molecules can more from one place to remains contacted with the other molecules. In gases, the moles are free to move, there exists no bondage between the molecules of the gas. ...
Pressure Pressure is a term, which is utilized when the freely moving particles of the gas collide with the walls of the container and collide with each other to make a force exerting against the wall of the container. The more the dimensions of the container, the lesser will be the pressure and the container with less dimensions has the more pressure for the same amount of gas. In the similar way, if the amount of gas is increases the pressure will be increased in the container with similar dimensions. The units of the pressure are Atmospheres (atm), Pounds per square inch (PSI), Inches of mercury (in.Hg) and millimeters of mercury (mm.Hg). While the SI unit of pressure is Pascal (Pa) or Newton per square meter (N/m2) while non SI units are Bar and dyne per square centimeter (barye). Standard pressure is considered as one atm (Halzner 2011). Temperature Temperature intensely affects a gas. Temperature is an external effect that affects the molecular motion of the gas particles. As the temperature increases the random molecular motion of the particles, increases as the gas molecules take the heat energy and convert it to kinetic energy. In this way, the volume of the gas increases and thus the pressure increases. Similarly, if a container filled with an amount of gas is exposed to extreme lower temperature, the gas in the container contracts and creates a vacuum in the container, the container may sucker external gas to fill the vacuum. The standard value of temperature is 273K or 0oC. The units of temperature are Kelvin (K), Celsius (C) (Halliday, Resnick and Walker 2005). Chemical amount The chemical amount of gas is represented as the no of grams or no of moles. The amount in grams is calculated using the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my research paper. "How Gas Laws Apply In the Health Care Industry?" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of ideas was valuable.
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