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The Retail Experience in Airport Departure Lounges - Case Study Example

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This qualitative research “The Retail Experience in Airport Departure Lounges” is based purely on non-numeric information and it employed the use of different methods such as using marketing messages and direct communication with the travelers in the retail shops…
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The Retail Experience in Airport Departure Lounges
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Extract of sample "The Retail Experience in Airport Departure Lounges"

Download file to see previous pages Timelessness and placelessness which travelers tend to experience when traveling and especially when in the airport is truly present even in this post-modern era with all the retailers in the airports. 
Methodology: The methodologies used were both qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative aspect was meant to collect narrative information on the passengers’ perspectives on the quality of the services being provided to them and what their expectations were. The quantitative methodology, on the other hand, was used in order to measure using a scale and quantify the results of the self-report. These results were later used to measure the reliability and validity of the research.
Summary (Aim of the study & findings): The aim of the research was to come up with an ideal conceptual model which the airports can use in order to improve the service quality of the airport users as well as travelers. This was brought about by the fact that the services the passengers expect are more than what is provided but the problem is the lack of a model to show their quality needs and service requirements. The findings which were drawn from both qualitative and quantitative data indicated that the passengers in the airport wanted interaction, diversion, and functions in their service if it was to improve. These findings were from the empirical research conducted on these passengers in the airports.
Methodology: The methodology used is both qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative research methodology was conducted using an empirical case study on passengers at the Taiwan international airport. The quantitative research methodology was conducted using the multi-criteria optimization and compromise solution which is a new model together. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Retail Experience in Airport Departure Lounges Case Study, n.d.)
The Retail Experience in Airport Departure Lounges Case Study.
(The Retail Experience in Airport Departure Lounges Case Study)
The Retail Experience in Airport Departure Lounges Case Study.
“The Retail Experience in Airport Departure Lounges Case Study”.
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