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The Florida Department of Public Safety - Assignment Example

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This report “The Florida Department of Public Safety” is intended to provide a view of the needs of Florida Department of Public Safety. Despite the evaluation capturing information from many available sources, it does not represent a comprehensive study…
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The Florida Department of Public Safety
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Extract of sample "The Florida Department of Public Safety"

Download file to see previous pages The need assessment will mainly focus on the department’s needs and resources. Additionally, it will concentrate on the barriers. Therefore, the process developed here has to focus on the needs, resources, and obstacles. Additionally, the process has cover issues that are common in many corporations, systems, and the general public. This assessment has to occur as the first step of an on-going process. This assessment has been developed in order to accommodate views from multiple sources.
There were varieties of interventions developed in order to determine the various needs in the Florida Department of Public Safety (Bailey, 2014). There were requests sent to important people in this department in order to provide their input regarding various measurable indicators in the prison system. Example of these indicators includes the prison health indicators.
There is a list developed, which include statistics of the health of the inmates. The list covered areas such as physical and mental health, economic indicators, education, and population data. There was a detailed analysis of available literature reviews in order to study ‘hard data’ that relate to the above list of indicators. Some of this information came from sources such as the United States Census.
There was a need to collect information from immediate people. Some books call immediate people the ‘closest to the ground’. To obtain this information efficiently, there was a convention of nine focus groups. A definition of the focus group is a convention that is structured and conducts moderated discussions and comprises small groups of people. The nine groups would discuss the various issues of concern in the Florida Department of Public Safety. In these groups, a total of 66 organizations were represented. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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