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Minimizing the Wait Time in Queues at Starbucks - Assignment Example

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The purpose of this research “Minimizing the Wait Time in Queues at Starbucks” was to examine the ways of minimizing the wait time by customers in the queues at Starbucks.The author found many possible solutions that would effectively address the concern…
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Minimizing the Wait Time in Queues at Starbucks
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Extract of sample "Minimizing the Wait Time in Queues at Starbucks"

Download file to see previous pages In one of the projects I did previously, I had an opportunity to build a simulation model to optimize a TV manufacturing Supply chain using SIMIO software. This simulation model helped me be familiar with different supply chain operations I was handling and gave me more insight into different topics in my field and believe my recommendations would be of significant importance in the current situation at Starbucks.
I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss further on how to improve the services and operations at Starbucks Corporation. Please let me know if further information is required by contacting me by email at or by phone at (785) 317 - 0988 on Monday through Friday in the afternoon. I look forward to hearing from you
Starbucks is a global brand name in the provision of beverage products, especially coffee. In an environment where competition becomes stiffer by each day, every organization works to develop appropriate strategies that would ensure that they remain relevant in the market arena. One of the most important aspects of ensuring success and profitability in the organization is that the customers receive the best treatment possible in the manner in which services are delivered to them. Business and organizational successes are usually attributed to the customers and the manner in which the developed strategies influence their wellbeing.
Consequently, I have examined the current state of operations at Starbucks considering the good brand name that the organization has set in the past. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Minimizing the Wait Time in Queues at Starbucks Assignment.
(Minimizing the Wait Time in Queues at Starbucks Assignment)
Minimizing the Wait Time in Queues at Starbucks Assignment.
“Minimizing the Wait Time in Queues at Starbucks Assignment”.
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