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Relationship between Risk attitude and Organizational Vulnerability - Assignment Example

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The report is aimed at highlighting the relationship between the risk factor an organization has to face and the performance it in turn exhibits. More specifically, the study revolves around the risk-taking aptitude and the stability that they exhibit as a result of it…
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Relationship between Risk attitude and Organizational Vulnerability
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Download file to see previous pages The fact that this change in their aptitude has had mixed results towards the final outcomes of their endeavors and their overall performance has been evidently owing to certain happenings in the recent past. For example, a financial institution named UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) was charged with the allegation of being involved in global interest rate manipulation and was penalized under the criminal act. This was the resultant of a high aptitude of the company towards risk-taking. The resultant of the matter was that the company ended up paying around 1.5 Million Dollars to the US, UK and Swiss authorities. This matter was seen as a blow in the financial world. The happening created instant awareness amongst peer organizations and the general public. The resultant of this awareness is still unknown. Whether organizations have lessened taking risks or not and whether this taking or not taking of risks has affected the productivity of the organizations is still unknown.
In line with the background discussed above, the report aims to study the relationship between the fluctuations in adoptions of risk factor and the resultant vulnerability or stability of an organization. In order to measure the relationship data from 100 renowned financial organizations from the city of London was taken. The Chief Executive Officers of these companies were contacted and their co-operation resulted in the availability of real-world data for evaluation and research purposes. A hundred companies whose data were collected were amongst the top largest financial organizations being measured with respect to their size of the workforce. This list of companies was generated by the renowned Financial Times. The CEOs of the organizations were requested to fill out a questionnaire which was aimed at assessing their inclination towards risk-taking. This data collection and the data further collected after consultation with two different articles published in the years 2007 and 2009 subsequently laid the road to the onset of analysis.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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