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The paper “A Case of Mistreatment at Work” looks at the primary problem in the case that there is a culture that has been nurtured in the organization that discourages employees to air out their grievances. The culture also encourages those guilty of mistreatment to continue frustrating employees…
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A Case of Mistreatment at Work
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A Case of Mistreatment at Work
The primary problem in the case is that there is a culture that has been nurtured in the organization that discourages employees to air out their grievances. In addition, the culture also encourages those guilty of mistreatment to continue frustrating other employees. Diversity in the workplace is usually considered an advantage to the organization because it allows the organization to enjoy the skills of persons from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. However, organizations should also put in place coherent policies that protect employees from harassment that can result from the diversity. Jessica is a victim of harassment by Peter and Alex who apparently are oblivious of the discomfort they are causing Jessica. Therefore, the major problem is lack of communication made worse by ineffective policies governing workplace diversity.
There is a subtle but real workplace harassment caused by diversity that has been taking place in the organization for long caused by lack of coherent policies that address issues related to workplace diversity. The first approach would be for the organization to structure policies that restrict individuals against using culture or any other aspect of diversity, in a way that can make other employees uncomfortable. Alex and Peter might be taking their teasing of Jessica lightly oblivious of the discomfort they are causing Jessica. With clearly outlined policies they would have been aware that such actions are discouraged. Jessica is not able to get help because she is not familiar with the steps she needs to take. In fact, even other long time employees such as Jamal are not aware of the steps they can take which imply that the policies governing diversity are vague. The company should be clear on the course of action employees should take in the event that they feel that their cultural or social diversity is being used as a weapon against them.
Diversity is usually difficult to contain when there is poor communication. There seem to be poor communication structures within the organization from top to down especially issues dealing with human resource. We realize this through complaints by Jessica’s aunt about the managerial and from Jessica’s experiences. When Jessica approaches her boss Tom, Tom just brushes the issue as minor not wanting to know the impact they are having on her performance. On the other hand, Jessica is not bold enough to confront Alex and Peter. The organization should perhaps train its employees on good communication avenues that will promote cohesion even in the face of diversity. Toms is accusing Jessica of being a team player without even being serious as to the probable causes for her to be uptight. The organization should construct and nurture proper and healthy communication structures that allow employees to air out their concerns freely. Communication becomes even more important in diversity because of the high chances of occurrence of misunderstandings.
Peter and Alex should also be more mindful of the feelings of Jessica. They should adopt more positive and neutral approaches to get Jessica to be a team player instead of using racial aspects to tease Jessica. On the other hand Jessica should also be straightforward and stern. She should gather courage and confront Alex and Peter and inform them that they are making her uncomfortable by their remarks. Such approaches will avoid common misunderstandings and perhaps make the workplace more enjoyable for all the parties. Read More
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