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History Of The Allis Chalmer Tractor and its Uses - Research Paper Example

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The author examines Allis Chalmers Tractors company which performance was very impressive and by 1979 it had grown into about $2 billion Company and was one of the most significant tractors manufacturers in the US. The company officially called off it a business of equipment manufacturing in 1998…
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History Of The Allis Chalmer Tractor and its Uses
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Download file to see previous pages They were known for making sawmill, grindstones, and waterwheel. Although it was at first incorporated in Delaware, Allis-Chalmers soon experienced good growth to become a principal maker of industrial equipment and steam engines in Milwaukee. This was after a successful business merger with Fraser and Chalmers, which were involved in the business of mining and steel retort manufacturing. Owing to the fact that the presence of Allis-Chalmers was very large in Milwaukee, its plants became landmarks in the region, thus its plant located west of Allis may have contributed to coining of the name of the city known as West Allis. The company started making farm equipment in 1914 almost the same period that the First World War broke out. During the period of the war, the company played a very critical role as a manufacturer of building pumps necessary for uranium separation during the Second World War as well as the building of electric motors for the American navy submarines. The company was also instrumental in building steam engines for Liberty ships (Buescher 76-91). The company, therefore, introduced numerous product lines and brands that encompassed Industrial Tractor, Agricultural Tractor, Implements, Industrial Tractor, and so many others. The company also went down in history books as one of the fourteen main electrical manufacturers that instituted a lawsuit in 1937 to effect changes in the manner trade unions excluded products and contractors in growing business ventures. The company’s action, as well as others, resulted in a landmark ruling in 1945 by American Supreme Court that did put to end some unethical union practices that were in breach of Sherman Antitrust Act (SAA). The company, having financial ability went out for a series of acquisitions starting in 1928, thus it acquired Monarch Tractor Company. Come 1931, Allis-Chalmers bought a firm called Advance-Rumely and in 1953 it bought Buda Engine Company located in Harvey, Illinois.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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