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Strategic Development History of Walmart - Research Paper Example

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The paper “Strategic Development History of Walmart” discusses the breakthrough success of the global retail network, presenting its strategic micro-environment and competitive analysis, Porter’s 5 forces and SWOT analysis, industry and internal analysis and perspectives on the Japanese market. 
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Strategic Development History of Walmart
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Extract of sample "Strategic Development History of Walmart"

Download file to see previous pages According to Fortune, Walmart is considered the second most admired company in the world and its corporate strategy has four components. These components include the dominance of Walmart in the retail market, the expansion of the company in the United States and international markets, building a positive brand and recognition of company and branching out into new sectors of retail.
Walmart is also considered as one of the pioneers which gave birth to discount retailing. The owner of Walmart, Sam Walton traveled around the country to learn about discount retailing before opening Walmart and he was convinced of the fact that American consumers were urging for a new type of store. Until the 1960s, Sam Walton could only manage to open 15 stores of Walmart because of limited money, however; the competitor of Walmart, Kmart was expanding very quickly. The actual growth of the company started when it went public. When the company got public and raised capital of $3.3 million (Anonym, n.d.), the company grew its stores to 276 stores in 11 states. Although the strategic development history of Walmart starts from the opening of its first store in 1962 however, in the following strategic development analysis of the company, the selected timeframe is 25 years from 1982-2007.
In the decade of 1970s, the strategy of the company was to reduce the cost of goods sold by building its own warehouse. By adopting this strategy, the company got able to buy in huge volumes at attractive prices. Moreover, storing merchandise became easier for the 30 discount stores in the rural states (Anonym, n.d.). In 1984 Walmart entered Virginia. In 1985 it entered Wisconsin and Colorado and acquired Grand Central Shoes. In 1986, the company entered Minnesota and in 1987 the Walmart Satellite Network was completed. Through this satellite communication network, all operating units of the company were linked with two-way voice, data, and one-way video communication. In 1988, the company expanded to Michigan, Wyoming and West Virginia. One important strategy of Walmart throughout its expansion was the significant control of all stores of the company. This strategy was adopted to ensure the philosophy and culture of the company. Philosophy: Walmart has always offered low prices and the not showing off luxury goods has always remained the culture at Walmart. The promotional strategy of the company has also emphasized on everyday-low-prices. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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