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Economic and Social Impact of Globalization - Coursework Example

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"Economic and Social Impact of Globalization" paper aims to proffer significant social and economic issues that impact global strategies. The concept of globalization encompasses theories beyond the traditional view that global corporations merely do business abroad. …
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Economic and Social Impact of Globalization
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Extract of sample "Economic and Social Impact of Globalization"

Download file to see previous pages Global corporations are heightening their awareness of the nature of their business relationships with diverse governments considered of primary importance to manage factors influencing their performance. From among the elements that global organizations closely and continuously evaluate, the social and economic impacts are considered of significant importance. As the components and diverse perspectives of globalization affect both the host organizations and those nations they do business with, this research aims to proffer significant social and economic issues that impact global strategies.

The concept of globalization encompasses theories beyond the traditional view that global corporations merely do business abroad. Doing so would restrict and limit the nature and attributes of global organizations. In this regard, it is pertinent at this point to define and distinguish relevant terms concerning business organizations that would be used throughout the essay.

Business organizations exist for a particular purpose. The distinguishing characteristic that differentiates one from the other is the market where each operates. Domestic business organizations seek a license to operate in their national environment. When businesses begin to operate across their national borders, then they begin to be classified as international businesses.

Lee Iwan, a professional with extensive cultural and international experiences international business proffered a clear distinction between global, transnational, international, multinational organizations. He averred that international organizations are considered either importers or exporters of products and services with absolutely no financial investment across borders. Multinational companies, on the other hand, have investments across borders. However, the products and services offered in foreign markets are adapted to local situations.

Global organizations have predominantly more investments in various foreign markets. Their strategy employs the coordination of one brand and image in each and every market.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Economic and Social Impact of Globalization Coursework - 2, n.d.)
Economic and Social Impact of Globalization Coursework - 2.
(Economic and Social Impact of Globalization Coursework - 2)
Economic and Social Impact of Globalization Coursework - 2.
“Economic and Social Impact of Globalization Coursework - 2”.
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There is a lot of subjectivity about the concept of economic globalization and there is no universally acknowledged concept as such. In general terms, economic globalization can be considered as an objective trend that features allotment of factors of production as well as tr...
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