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International Accounting Standards in Saudi Nationals - Dissertation Example

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The aim of this study “International Accounting Standards in Saudi Nationals” is to practically examine the relationship between several firm-specific attributes: firm size, leverage, assets-in-place, and other determinants, and the level of annual report disclosed by 72 non-financial companies…
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International Accounting Standards in Saudi Nationals
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Extract of sample "International Accounting Standards in Saudi Nationals"

Download file to see previous pages Although voluntary disclosure is not required, it has been the strategy of companies to have their clients be more aware and benefited (McNeil & Brian, n.d., p.251). Voluntary disclosure is either under the provision of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or the International Accounting Standards (IAS). In 1986, its objective had grown importance when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had issued an audit policy for company’s compliance (Perlman, 2009, p.88). EPA’s audit policy has been revised due to many inquiries and the revision was released last 2000 (Kelly & Braker, 2000, p.5). Saudi Stock Exchange (SSE) also known as Tadawul was conveyed in 1984 by the ministerial committees of Saudi government because the government wanted to regulate the securities market (Economy Watch, n.d.). In the initiation, SSE was under the regulation of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA); recently, the concern is now being credited to the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) (Evans, 2010; Samba Report Series, 2009, p.4). Saudi had been successful in the market is one of the largest economies and best-performing region with around $313 billion market capitalization and with 87 listed companies last 2007 (Niblock & Malik, 2007, p.219; Samba Report, 2009, p.3). SSE (Tantawi) in 2009 was having the most numbered companies (134 listed firms) that worth about $319 billion which was mostly dominated by financial services and Petrochemicals (Samba Report Series, 2009, p.4; Khalil, 2010).
The main thrust of this paper is to examine and assess the level of disclosed annual report among the non-financial firms listed in Saudi Stock Exchange (SSE). Also, it is created to investigate the hypothesized impact of firm attributes to the level of voluntary disclosure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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