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The Social, Cultural and Political Consequences of Globalization in KSA - Coursework Example

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"The Social, Cultural and Political Consequences of Globalization in KSA" paper studies the implications of the phenomenon called globalization on the economy of Saudi Arabia, its society, state, and culture. The project focuses on the development of multinational companies…
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The Social, Cultural and Political Consequences of Globalization in KSA
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Extract of sample "The Social, Cultural and Political Consequences of Globalization in KSA"

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Globalization is considered to be the interconnectedness developed by the increased flow of capital, goods, images, people and their ideologies among various nations. It is the result of the free-market policy of the world economy. It is characterized by the introduction of new technologies and considers humanity to be one social community where social and cultural differences do not exist. Philip Cerny has defined the term as a set of economic and political structures which is the outcome of change in characteristics of goods and assets constituting the economy.

Cultural and social globalization denotes the extensive movement of goods, technologies, ideas, images and people around the entire world which has been the direct result of “the economic globalization” which started in the year 1970. It has become a popular subject for cultural studies and tries to find the benefits of mixing between cultures and disadvantages caused by cultural destructions which happened along with the process of globalization. The ‘flows-and-impacts’ approach studies the characteristics of culture, the manner in which it was circulated and its resultant effects. (Rankin, K. N. July 2007. Social and Cultural Geography: Cultural Globalisation).

Religion and tradition have been the pillars of strength for the country. Not many years back Saudis have entered the modern world of satellite television, music videos and travel. Immense wealth has been generated through its oil industries. The sudden transition created anxiety in a society that Saudi Arabia would be losing its social traditions. The behavior of youngsters has changed. Mobiles and the use of other electronic goods have increased over the years. Globalization has introduced western cultures, like watching televisions, cruising around in cars and car racing into society. Oppositions are rising against the Saudi Arabian monarchy. Traditionally, Saudis wore loose-fitting clothes, ankle-length dresses. Women kept themselves covered in veils. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Social, Cultural and Political Consequences of Globalization in Coursework.
(The Social, Cultural and Political Consequences of Globalization in Coursework)
The Social, Cultural and Political Consequences of Globalization in Coursework.
“The Social, Cultural and Political Consequences of Globalization in Coursework”.
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