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IPad - Project Management Environment Within the Organization - Assignment Example

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This paper "iPad - Project Management Environment Within the Organization" focuses on the aim that has been well listed in the iPad project which clearly states that the ultimate objective of the project is to develop a new product and also specifies the product placement between iPhone and MacBook.  …
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IPad - Project Management Environment Within the Organization
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Extract of sample "IPad - Project Management Environment Within the Organization"

Download file to see previous pages This shows that there is complete clarity on the exact focus areas of the project and the expected outcome. One very positive aspect of this project report is the introduction of the company mission and the definition of the product. This helps in linking the aim of the project to the company mission and also defines what the product exactly is. The aim when seen in the backdrop of the overall company mission clearly gives the right direction to the reader about the ‘why’ aspect of the project.
The next step in any project is the definition of its objectives. The main difference between aim and objectives is the degree of specification in both. The aim is more general and does not specify any timelines while objectives are more specific and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Reasonable and specify a Timeframe). Most of the objectives listed them in a paper are specific and measurable and have a specific time frame for completion. For example, the objective to “sell 1 million of the new device internationally within 2010….”, is very specific in terms of the number of sets targeted to be sold i.e. 1 million, the timeframe of “within 2010” and the place where they will be sold i.e. internationally. However, we cannot be sure of how reasonable the quantity target is. There is no supporting calculation which shows that this target is achievable or not. The success of any project depends on how well thought out its objectives are. This is not very evident from the first objective. The second objective is again vague as it says “Increase the product range by developing and producing a new tablet….” When the first objective was stated as saying that 1million sets will be sold, the second statement seems to be a repetition of the first one as it is understood that the “new device” in the first objective is the “new tablet”.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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