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Shell as a Example of Environmentally Sustainable Business - Research Paper Example

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This research paper describes the importance of  Environmentally Sustainable Business and its example is Shell. It outlines Environment management systems, strategy, EPMs the company employs, their success compared to other companies, resources saving, 5Rs, and marketing…
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Shell as a Example of Environmentally Sustainable Business
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Extract of sample "Shell as a Example of Environmentally Sustainable Business"

Download file to see previous pages Environmental sustainability is a type of sustainable development that focuses entirely on green development. Environmental stability holds prime importance as there are depleting natural resources everywhere around us. In order for future generations to successfully operate and live on this planet, these rare natural resources are needed to be taken care of and shielded from harm by us. This paper talks about environmental stability and environmental management systems and applies them to the organization Shell to see how successfully they are integrating sustainability in their strategy and work processes. In particular, the supply chain, marketing, and HR are being evaluated for resource savings. Evaluation will be done by comparing the strategies of this organization with other organizations of its industry.
Sustainable development refers to using resources in such a way that fulfill our human needs today as well as save the environment from detrimental impacts caused by our actions. This is done to ensure that the future generations also have to privilege of using those resources. Corporate sustainability is a term coined to highlight a firm’s responsibility to efficiently use its ecological capital. It also includes measures that should be taken to replenish some of the ecological capital that is being utilized by the organization in order to benefit the environment and future generations. (Young, 2000)
If a company is degrading natural resources without replenishing or with wastage, it is hampering the chance of the future generation of using that natural resource. Natural resources all over the world are limited and their stock is depleting. Hence, it is the prime responsibility of organizations today to practice corporate sustainability in order to benefit themselves and their future generations (Lester, 1992).
Simply put, environment management systems are systems in an organization that make sure that the organization is following its environmental programs in an efficient and effective manner.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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