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The evidences summarized in this paper undoubtedly states that over the years passed by, the progressions of Royal Dutch Shell have proved that Royal Dutch Shell is one of the most accelerating and emergent multinational corporations that the oil and gas industry has ever witnessed. …
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International Business: Royal Dutch Shell
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Download file to see previous pages From the research it is clear that oil and gas has been one of the most vital and indispensable natural resources since world came into existence. However, several organizations have engaged themselves in the process of not only exploring, extracting, and reserving oil and gas chemicals but also in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of oil products and chemicals. Amongst those various giants in the oil and gas industry, Royal Dutch Shell is one of the world recognized and renowned name for the oil and gas company that have existed since decades and is commonly termed or known as Shell. According to one of the famous magazines, Royal Dutch Shell comes under world recognition in the industry of oil and gas. Numerous sources of information also provides with the fact that Royal Dutch Shell has been involved in the production of oil and gas in more than twenty-five countries, spread all over the globe and have its operations in over ninety countries. In addition, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of oil products and chemicals are the primary processes that Royal Dutch Shell is involved in and produces over three million barrels of oil on a daily basis. Studies also reveal the piece of knowledge that more than ninety five thousand workers and laborers comes under association to this giant multinational. On an international platform, Royal Dutch Shell entails itself in the process of exploration and extraction of crude oil and natural gas. As an outcome of such processes, gas, power and petroleum products then comes under production, refining, marketing and trading procedures. Besides, the company endow with cleaner-burning fuels by producing liquids from the conversion process of the natural gas. Furthermore, Royal Dutch Shell also generates the wind power to generate electricity, which is originated from the conversion of synthetic crude oil (Miller-Jones, 2010, pp. 1-5). Royal Dutch Shell’s Operations on an overall basis While having a glance at the Annual Report of Royal Dutch Shell, it has come under consideration that Royal Dutch Shell has become one of the biggest multinational corporations, when calculated in its returns, profits, and revenues. According to Royal Dutch Shell, they are a giant corporation that works in collaboration with its partners, communities and governments so that they can meet the rising demands and needs of the energies for their customers in a much more sustainable manner. Consequently, they are able to function more conscientiously in the sectors of economic, environment and social (Shell, 2010). Royal Dutch Shell is a corporation that operates its business processes in more than ninety countries. Extensive studies expose the fact that at this time three prime business segment alliances comes under Royal Dutch Shell: Upstream, Downstream and Corporate. The first grouping of Royal Dutch Shell that is upstream is an amalgamation of Upstream International, which administers and deals with the business that is external to the region of United States and Upstream Americas that manages and runs run business operations in the geographic location of North and South of America (Reuters, 2012). Searching, and recovering the natural gas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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