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Relevance of Kantian Approach to Ethics to Business - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Relevance of Kantian Approach to Ethics to Business,” the author discusses the Kantian’s approach to ethics: “the highest good is goodwill. To act from goodwill means to act from duty”. Consequently, an individual has to make an intention in order to act well in spite of the consequences…
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Relevance of Kantian Approach to Ethics to Business
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Extract of sample "Relevance of Kantian Approach to Ethics to Business"

Download file to see previous pages These duties Kant named as the categorical imperative (Bowie, 1999). Kant considered that the “basis for the categorical imperative was the reason” (Kant and Deontology). Categorical imperative Kant considered in different ways, for example:
Therefore Kant claimed that individuals follow laws of their choices. Human beings are free and choose themselves how to act, be moral, rational, etc. In compliance with Kant, the individual is autonomous; he lives his life basing on his intentions and reasons and doesn’t care about intentions and reasons of others (Kant and Deontology). There can be traced an idea that an individual as an ‘innocent’ object focused on his own intentions and reasons is of high importance in any company and organization, i. e. in modern business and management (Case, 1995). The centrality of an individual in the business world is important because an individual can clear his mind and make the right decision/action without any hesitation.
Therefore governance of the organization should be based with regard to one of the formulations of the categorical imperative (“So act as if you were a member of an ideal kingdom of ends in which you were both subject and sovereign at the same time”) (Kant and Deontology; Hantzes,2007). Having projected all his regulations on him, a Head of the Company would define the pros and cons of his governance decisions.
Kantian approach with relation to corporate social responsibility is of high relevance too. Corporate self-regulation can be successfully accomplished if every individual is treated ‘as an end, and never as a means merely’ (Klikauer). Such kind of treatment would result in an increase in the social performance of employees. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Relevance of Kantian Approach to Ethics to Business Assignment - 4, n.d.)
Relevance of Kantian Approach to Ethics to Business Assignment - 4.
(Relevance of Kantian Approach to Ethics to Business Assignment - 4)
Relevance of Kantian Approach to Ethics to Business Assignment - 4.
“Relevance of Kantian Approach to Ethics to Business Assignment - 4”.
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