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Features Of The Different Concepts Of Negotiation - Book Report/Review Example

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In negotiation, it is important to consider the emotional perception in others. The writer of the paper "Features Of The Different Concepts Of Negotiation" discusses how the behaviors and emotions of the parties in conflict may express what they actually feel…
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Features Of The Different Concepts Of Negotiation
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Download file to see previous pages Behaviors and emotions of the parties in conflict may express what they actually feel. The negotiator can accurately perceive their emotions by looking at their eyes, their facial expression, gestures, body movements, words, etc.
When parties lack the understanding of other parties’ culture, there is likely they have the misconception about the other party. They express their stereotyping, projection, and selection either verbally or non-verbally. Their frame of mind often shapes their perception. The parties’ conflict frame also shapes their perceptions.
Negotiators in conflict, on the other hand, often make a common set of cognitive errors. This cognitive errors may include "irrational escalation of commitment, mythical fixed-pie beliefs, anchoring and adjustment, framing, availability of information, the winners curse, overconfidence, the law of small numbers, self-serving biases, ignoring others cognitions, and reactive devaluation." (p. 174). These errors can be clarified using several techniques such as requiring more explanation or clarification, reversing and reframing of the communication.
Communication is the key tool to negotiation. It is essential to the core of the negotiation process. To be successful in negotiation, it depends on the negotiator’s communication skills. Communication can also become a cornerstone to a negotiation process as it represents the interchange of thoughts, opinions either in writing, oral speech, symbols or signs. Communication is also a tool for social connection.
The success of negotiation depends on effective communication so is its failure. Communication is a tool one can use to draw a person’s perception of the conflict. In addition, communication is both verbal and non-verbal, the central process of the negotiation because the parties involved act through communication. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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