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Business Management Framework in Educational Organizations - Case Study Example

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This paper "Business Management Framework in Educational Organizations" focuses on the fact that business management (BM) framework is an area in organizational management that focuses on bringing into line organizations with the demands and needs of customers. …
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Business Management Framework in Educational Organizations
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Extract of sample "Business Management Framework in Educational Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages The organizational structure should be present to guarantee clear divisions of authority, responsibility, communication, and control. The second component is the generation of the organization situations for successful implementation such as culture, communications, reward and incentives systems, training, and control (Fonseca 2002).

Two basic theoretical paradigms to business management framework could be identified. The first puts considerable emphasis on structural frameworks to change and involves an issue with organizational design as well as the linkage between organization and environment. This point of view puts less importance upon human activity and the way individuals try to understand or make sense of the world. In its place it stresses the significance of understanding the reason for the change strategy accurately, encouraging individuals of that reason and establishing correct control systems and structures for the following procedures. The business management approach basically involves at least three phases, namely, analysis, decision, and action (Poole 2004).

In this paper, the applicability of the BM framework will be assessed in the field of education. Specifically, the Total Quality Management strategy will be explored as one of the organizational models that are used in the field of education. Basically, the BM framework will be used in to evaluate the purpose of the educational organization and the roles played by its manager.

A business management framework in education has to address the particular needs and demands of education and should be justified within the setting of the educational developments presently occurring. Leadership and organizational strategy are primary factors in any BM framework. Business management demands dedication from top management for quality schemes to succeed. This is the agreement of all the key scholars on quality. Related to focus leadership, successful educational organizations require well-thought-out strategies to cope with the highly competitive and outcome-oriented context in which they function.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Management Framework in Educational Organizations Case Study - 1.
(Business Management Framework in Educational Organizations Case Study - 1)
Business Management Framework in Educational Organizations Case Study - 1.
“Business Management Framework in Educational Organizations Case Study - 1”.
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