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The Term Knowledge Worker in The Context of Todays Business World - Essay Example

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The aim of the essay "The Term Knowledge Worker in The Context of Today’s Business World" defines the nature of the knowledge worker in the business. Furthermore, the essay would provide an investigation of the contributions of average knowledge worker effectively for the company…
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The Term Knowledge Worker in The Context of Todays Business World
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Extract of sample "The Term Knowledge Worker in The Context of Todays Business World"

Download file to see previous pages A modern business world with its competitive nature demands innovations in all realms of operations. Let that of management, technology, marketing or any other business operation, innovation and knowledge on the latest market developments is a vital factor for success. In this context, the role of the Knowledge Worker becomes of much relevance. With relevance to diversity in the global market, Knowledge Workers can prove competent in different roles contributing effectively to the company.
Information technology is the technological realm which deals the use of computers and computer-based programs for the conversion, protection, processing, transmission, and retrieval of information. In short, it can be defined as the use of computers and software to manage data. (,2009).
On the other hand information system includes person, group of people or systems within an organization which manages information. The information system may or may not include computer and computer-based technologies. When Information technology mandatory includes computers, an Information system may or may not include that.
Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom are factors included in the hierarchy of wisdom. Data is the most fundamental form of all these and are factual information used as the basis for reasoning, discussion or calculation. The sources of data are enormous and the sensible filtering of these leads to the higher branches of the hierarchy. Information is the knowledge retrieved from the abundance of data after investigation, study or instruction. Knowledge is the scale or measure of one’s information. To an extent, it defines how much a person is informative. The accumulation of philosophic and scientific knowledge becomes wisdom. This stage has data, information, and knowledge at optimal levels. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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