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The Main Airport Privatization Trends: the Privatization of Aeroports de Paris - Dissertation Example

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The aim of this dissertation is to outline the possible privatisation model which will be implemented by the Prague airport. In order to do this the critical literature on this subject will be taken into consideration in order to establish the hypothetical possibilities…
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The Main Airport Privatization Trends: the Privatization of Aeroports de Paris
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Extract of sample "The Main Airport Privatization Trends: the Privatization of Aeroports de Paris"

Download file to see previous pages The dissertation will then outline the probable privatisation strategy which the Prague government will undertake with regards to the privatisation of Prague airport. It will seek to establish whether, as current critical analysis suggests, the privatisation will take place in part, with the government retaining a share or whether a more Thatcherite, total sell-off model will be followed. It will then move on the examine how the airport might be sold and which listing strategy it might follow, bearing in mind the academic literature on the subject and steps taken by other recently privatised airports. Finally, it will analyse the potential investors to establish what factors might affect a successful sale and how the needs of investors might influence the privatisation model. This chapter will provide an overview of the key academic works used in this dissertation. It begins by considering classical privatisation theory and then moves on to more recent academic publications which deal with the current global trends. It will then examine works associated with the results of privatisation. After this more specific factors in the privatisation process are considered including works which outline theoretical models for privatisation. Texts which discuss the various external factors which can affect this model are then considered, such as trade unions. A discussion of theories related to listing strategies will then more investigated, followed by works which deal with privatisation specifically in the Czech Republic. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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