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Measures of an Effective Organizational Performance - Assignment Example

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 In the paper “Measures of an Effective Organizational Performance,” the author discusses the social-economic theory of social relations, which provides an extensive overview of the instrumentality of the concept of social capital in mainstream entrepreneur research…
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Measures of an Effective Organizational Performance
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Extract of sample "Measures of an Effective Organizational Performance"

Download file to see previous pages Social capital has an important role in the goal-attainment of actors through the support of relationships. Actors could either be individual people or groups such as firms and other organizations. In groups, the social relations matter most between, and not within, the groups (ibid). Apparently, it cannot be discounted that within the group and individual has social capital in associations between people, yet then the significant actors are the members of an organization, not the organization as a whole. Like physical and human capital, social capital also demands investment to construct.
Entrepreneurs and managers nowadays are venturing into the realm of social capital because of two important elements that trail with it, which are information and influence. Social capital may confer ease of access to information, which is then a crucial building block of entrepreneurial endeavors. Social capital improves the relevance and quality of information exchanged through social networks. Influence, on the other hand, is another latent benefit of social capital. Individuals extract responsibilities from others in the set of connections and control these obligations at a later period. The influence and power of entrepreneurs and managers who have disconnected or distant networks are more favorable than those who maintain a closer social network ties.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Measures of an Effective Organizational Performance Assignment - 12, n.d.)
Measures of an Effective Organizational Performance Assignment - 12.
(Measures of an Effective Organizational Performance Assignment - 12)
Measures of an Effective Organizational Performance Assignment - 12.
“Measures of an Effective Organizational Performance Assignment - 12”.
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