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System Analysis at Work - Case Study Example

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The objective of this investigation, System Analysis at Work, is to analyze the current system of Greenwich Carpentry Company and to recommend them the options that are worthy for their business procedures. The paper took into consideration Greenwich Carpentry Company…
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Download file to see previous pages The time needed for the completion of an order is more and the output is less due to which, the company is facing problems in terms of its expansion.
Most of the users at the company concerned to the newly constructed system are in need of training but the current users of the present system are aware of current procedures and work but their number is only ten and after system enhancement, their number will reach thirty-five. The recommendations to the company are to attain computer systems and to install software in order to facilitate their future procedures. With the help of a well-constructed website, the company will be able to monitor its progress on a website and will be able to expand its market through the help of the website.
Greenwich Carpentry Company is interested in enhancing its business proceedings by making its website enable to get orders online. Moreover, they are interested in an integrated system in their company. This paper takes into consideration the investigation of the current system of Greenwich Carpentry Company and recommendations required for the expansion of their system by making use of e-commerce option and integration of company’s procedures through enhanced networking.
The paper starts with a background study of the company, Greenwich Carpentry Company, in which the company’s current procedures are identified along with the business functionalities of the company. The company’s currently employed hardware and software are analyzed and their need for enhancement is also identified under the title background. After background, the paper informs about the system findings, which is further divided into system functions, system data and failings and constraints of the existing system of the company. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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