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Method of Entry for Local Manufacturing the Mcgrew Company - Case Study Example

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The author of the "Method of Entry for Local Manufacturing the Mcgrew Company" paper describes the options available to McGrew for entering the Brazilian market, required information for entering the Brazilian market, and gives recommendations on options…
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Method of Entry for Local Manufacturing the Mcgrew Company
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Extract of sample "Method of Entry for Local Manufacturing the Mcgrew Company"

Download file to see previous pages It has been supported by Douglas et al. (1989, 437) that ‘recent years have witnessed a growing intensity of competition in virtually all areas of business, whether at home or abroad, in markets upstream for raw materials, components, supplies, capital, and technology as well as in markets downstream for consumer goods and services regarding the above, the development of commercial activities worldwide is a necessity for firms in the modern market. However, such an activity should be developed only if the required standards could be met by the firms involved, i.e. only if these firms could respond to the increased needs of international business activities which tend to change constantly because of the turbulences occurring in the global financial market.

Moreover, a series of issues should be addressed by firms that are interested to enter a foreign market. For this reason, it is supported by Hugenberg et al. (1996, 215) that ‘effective training is likely the foremost determinant of whether or not an individual will be successful in conducting business in a different culture’ and that it is ‘vital for international business representatives to understand the host culture; they must be aware of traditions, rituals, myths, attitudes, and beliefs held about a variety of issues and behaviors in order to respond in an acceptable and culturally sensitive manner’. Towards the same direction, it is supported by Palmer et al. (2002, 10) that ‘since training represents a considerable investment of time, effort and financial resources, it is important to determine the appropriate level of training’. The importance of understanding the cultural characteristics of the host country by the firms that are interested in entering its market is also highlighted by Luo (1999, 270) who claimed that ‘host country-specific knowledge is a driving force behind international expansion performance because such knowledge cannot be easily acquired’. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Method of Entry for Local Manufacturing the Mcgrew Company Case Study, n.d.)
Method of Entry for Local Manufacturing the Mcgrew Company Case Study.
(Method of Entry for Local Manufacturing the Mcgrew Company Case Study)
Method of Entry for Local Manufacturing the Mcgrew Company Case Study.
“Method of Entry for Local Manufacturing the Mcgrew Company Case Study”.
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