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Share Screening Systems - Essay Example

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This essay "Share Screening Systems" discusses the strengths weakness of the specific share screening system suggested and such methods in general. It discusses the validity of the original adviser’s criticism of the Dow-Jones Index and the money-weighted rate of return…
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Share Screening Systems
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Download file to see previous pages This ratio is helpful for analyzing companies with significant non-cash expenses.
5. Share price – higher than previous three months; this is not a good criterion for selecting a share. Just because it is higher than previous three months does not ensure it will remain so. It may be suitable for short-term investment.
7. Net dividend yield %- The dividend yield varies from companies to companies and depends on factors like type of companies, type of business, an age of company etc. So it does not have a thumb rule to assess a company.
1. Communist: Price: Book ratio at 0.75 is the healthy sign, Net gearing at 99% is not a very good sign, 3 months price change (5%) is very placid, PE ratio (12.2) is a very healthy sign, Net dividend yield (7.6) is a very healthy sign. Brokers’ Rec. (strong buy) adds strength.
2. Delta: Price: Book ratio at 0.7 is healthy sign, Net gearing at –42% is not a very good sign which shows that the company is relying on high debt, 3 months price change (14%) is good, PE ratio (14.4) is very healthy sign, Net dividend yield (2.6) is alarming. Brokers’ Rec. (overweight) seems to be correct for long-run investment it is risky.
3. Minerva: Price: Book ratio at 0.99 is not the good sign, Net gearing at 33% is a very good sign, 3 months price change (19%) is ok, PE ratio (280.2) is a very interesting sign, Net dividend yield (0) is ok. Brokers’ Rec. (Neutral), it should be a good buy.
4. Vodafone: Price: Book ratio at 0.75 is the healthy sign, Net gearing at 47% is a very good sign, 3 months price change (6%) gives stability, PE ratio (12.1) is a very healthy sign, Net dividend yield (5.0) is ok. Brokers’ Rec. (overweight), it’s a good buy for long-term investment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Share Screening Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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