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Personal Philosophy of Leadership Development - Assignment Example

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It crops up from ones abilities and qualities. Skills do not make a leader. A leader is often born with qualities that make him or her who they are. The qualities are inherent. …
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Personal Philosophy of Leadership Development
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Extract of sample "Personal Philosophy of Leadership Development"

Download file to see previous pages A leader is different from a manager. Qualities define a leader. These qualities are inborn and it means leaders are born. Skills that a person acquires make him or her manager. This means that not all managers are leaders. Leadership means service to the people. A leader is a servant to the people he leads. He is bestowed with the responsibility of bettering the lives of his or her followers. Leadership development is useful to individuals who aim at improving their leadership skills. Leadership development is important as it creates a passion in leaders to lead their followers and serve them accordingly. This paper articulates my personal philosophy of leadership development and my development as a leader.
Unique qualities characterize a leader. First leaders must possess character. Actions define character. Leaders understand that success is founded on character. An ideal leader possesses strong character, which assures the people he leads, that he will provide success. First impressions create lasting impression. A leader has to seal the deal with a first impression. Charisma does it for first impressions. Making others feel good is the best way of having charisma. A leader has to be courageous. People cannot put their trust in a coward. Courage builds confidence, and self-confidence is leadership at work.
An ideal leader has focus. Focus entails prioritizing important factors and concentrating on them to accomplishment. Priorities without concentration gets nothing done, resulting to no progress. Concentration without priories limits growth and progress. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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