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Changes in Apple's Supplier Code of Conduct - Essay Example

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In the present essay "Changes in Apple's Supplier Code of Conduct" some of the most useful organizational reforms of the Apple company which help to sustain the company on the market and deal with the challenges in the global business environment will bedescribed…
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Changes in Apples Supplier Code of Conduct
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Extract of sample "Changes in Apple's Supplier Code of Conduct"

Download file to see previous pages At Apple, we value our workers as really, they are the reason for our success. We, therefore, require of every supplier that transacts any dealings with Apple to exhibit genuine intention to protect the rights of our workers at all times. A maximum of 60-hour work week should always be observed. We ensure that our suppliers strictly follow this. This ensures that our workers are not over-worked, and hence they remain productive. By 2014, about 92% of our suppliers complied with this. We are custodians of human rights as well. This is seen in our use of conflict-free minerals in our products. Suppliers affiliated with Apple are usually held accountable to hiring procedures that are ethical.For productivity, good health is key. That is why at Apple, we really care about the safety and health of our workers. In order to ensure that this is maintained, we have sought to train our management staff and workers. In an effort to assure that safety and good health is maintained, we launched about 870 projects in 2014 to improve conditions at the places of work. This was done through the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Academy. We have also come up with a comprehensive mapping program that aims to make steadfast our chemical management functions.We have great regard for the environment at Apple. That’s why we ensure that our products and services are environmentally conscious. We are doing all we can to ensure that the natural resources that have been bestowed upon us are well conserved. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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