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Cynthia Montgomery has become a familiar name in business management. One of her books, The Strategist: Be the Leader Your Business Needs takes the reader through a thought-provoking literature on strategy. The book shows how much influence a leader has on the organization, making him a perfect example. …
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The Strategist: Be the Leader Your Business Needs
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Download file to see previous pages According to Cynthia, the face of an organization reflects the kind of leaders it has. Leaders should, therefore, understand this and do more than just delegating to see their organizations prosper.
Most leaders simply rely on the strategies laid down by the company on its formation without creating new momentum.Having a strategy does not imply changing the modalities in which the company was established, but rather building on them and modifying them according to the current market needs. The main reason a company thinks of changing and modifying its leadership plan is to allow for new ideas and strategies. A leader who does not recognize such a responsibility will only hurt and harm the company.
Resistance usually put the leader under check and pressure to succeed. Realizing that the failure of the strategy to yield fruits will invite ridicule from the resisting quotas, the leader will go an extra mile to deliver, just to ensure he does not fail. A leader should have big dreams for the organization, which he should fight on a daily basis to ensure that they are fulfilled. Businesses are facing numerous challenges that shake them, especially in a globalized market. The businesses are hungry for leaders that are focused and look at every challenge as an opportunity to excel. The business world is becoming more dynamic than ever, requiring a leader to make frequent changes to fit in the competition. Having the ability to adapt fast to changes and modifying the strategy will enhance growth and minimize on monotony. Employees love working with managers who understand the changing times and are willing to listen and even act as per the environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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