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This essay talks the issue of gender parity that has been widely discussed throughout the planet. Women still face the situation when even being skilled go-getters, they simply cannot dream of the promotions for precise companies’ positions, while male employees make their way almost without effort…
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Women in the Workplace
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Women in the Workplace
The issue of gender parity has been widely discussed throughout the planet. However, women still face the situation when even being skilled go-getters, they simply cannot dream of the promotions for precise companies’ positions, while male employees make their way almost without efforts.
There are plenty of proofs for absence of gender equality in the workplace. For instance, in the USA an average female earns about 80 cents for every dollar that male employee might earn (The White House). Another poor fact about US: this country is in the list among Oman and Papua New Guinea that do not guarantee the support of maternity leave (Gilpin, 2015). However, the things are far from being positive not only in US. In Canada only about 14% of companies think of possibilities of female workers’ promotions, while only 7% have precise plans for that issue (The Star, 2015). In Japan about 18 months ago the government’s program for supporting the promotions of women was implemented. However, hitherto none among the Japanese business companies joined that issue (Mollman, 2015).
Definitely, the situation about women in the workplace is negative. The key reason for that fact has always been the issue of maternity leave. Thus, it was needless to promote a female, because she would leave sooner or later. However, if there is an issue of gender equality, it should be kept, but not just spoken about. Females are more creative and opened towards various novelties, and this trait is assuredly of great consequence in the modern world of rapid changes. Thus, companies should simply accept the fact of parity and follow it.
Fortunately, many companies tend to understand the role of females in the continuous business success, and thus promotions of women occur regularly at those enterprises. It is about Walmart, Verizon, GM, Avon, P&G, Intel, and many others (Working Mother, 2015).
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