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I would like to increase my skills and experience in catering and nutrition. Measurable: I want to gain the required expertise in running my own cafeteria or restaurant. …
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Smart Goals
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Smart Goals Affiliation Smart Goals Goal Smart: I would like to increase my skills and experience in catering and nutrition.
Measurable: I want to gain the required expertise in running my own cafeteria or restaurant.
Attainable: I will work for other established restaurants to acquire necessary skills and expertise.
Realistic: I will work for time basis and later for permanent terms in established hotels.
Timely: I will begin at the end of my final semester in school.
Goal 2
Smart: I would like to acquire the require expertise in running my own business
Measurable: I want to have the best effective skills in business management
Attainable: I will seek attachment in a business oriented establishment in order to acquire required management skills.
Realistic: I will work in the company for a full time basis, but within a period of three months in order to venture in my own business
Timely: I will begin at the beginning of my final semester in school
Goal 3
Smart: I want to acquire the required market research market skills to develop exceptional operational strategies
Measurable: I want to implement the most effective market research strategies in my business venture
Attainable: I will take part in market research project used in existing business ventures
Realistic: I will occasionally take part in research projects regardless of my occupational ventures
Timely: I will begin taking part in research projects immediately
Goal 4
Smart: To understand current hotel and hospitality trends
Measurable: I want to understand what it takes ti impress the industry’s target market
Attainable: I will research successful companies in the industries to understand their strategies in understanding the desired market trends
Realistic: I will research the trend in the industry to understand desired services by the target market
Timely: I will begin take part in the research until the launch of my business
Goal 5
Smart: To understand entrepreneurship requirements in the hotel and hospitality industry
Measurable: I want to start a successful hotel business
Attainable: I will consult other player in the industry to understand what entrepreneurship in the industry requires
Realistic: I will research existing hotel and other companies to understand the cost of venturing into the industry
Timely: I will research the requirements and seek consultations immediately
Using the S.M.A.R.T approach has increased my understanding of the goal I want to achieve. In addition, the approach has provided me with the ability to understand the specification I have to venture into my own business. The approach is a formal way of developing required strategies towards achieving desired goals and objectives. Read More
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