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Edinburgh Rock Whisky Business - Essay Example

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This essay describes Edinburgh Rock Whisky, which is a start-up business. Its owner and co-founder is Alan Grahams. The whiskey company is located at Edinburgh, Scotland. The article views various decisions that Alan Graham made and which of them are considered wrong…
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Edinburgh Rock Whisky Business
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Extract of sample "Edinburgh Rock Whisky Business"

Download file to see previous pages When Alan Graham was in South Africa, he happened to meet a friend of his who had managed to create a fortune for himself in the whisky industry. Graham’s friend had managed to do this by introducing a whisky by the name Mountain Range Whisky. The whisky was in a bottle that was shaped as the Table Mountain, the mountain that shadows Cape Town. Graham’s friend had steadily managed to derive profit from the sale of his whisky. Therefore, from this idea Graham thought of finding a bottling company that would he would purchase bottles that were shaped like the Edinburgh Rock and hence call it Edinburgh Rock Whisky.Market research is doing anything that gives one a better understanding of the market that one is venturing into. Market research is normally done before the production of a commodity and has often been proven a valuable thing to do. It is because a customer research guides one’s business decisions since gives one understanding of his/her competitors, marketing, consumers and products. Since it helps one make better decision, it will certainly come in very handing in creating a successful and exceptional marketing strategy.Marketing helps one reduce the chances of getting the prices, products and promotions wrong. A suitable example is that of Alan Graham. If he had carried out a good market research, he would have known that there were chances that some institutions in Scotland would reject his product. In addition, he would have known that there was need to make a few adjustments to the ignition business plan. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Edinburgh Rock Whisky Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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