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Managing People for a Competitive Advantage - Essay Example

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From the discussion in the essay "Managing People for a Competitive Advantage," it may be concluded that nowadays human resource function seeks to improve the performance of the workforce without having to hire new people for the job placements available…
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Managing People for a Competitive Advantage
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Download file to see previous pages The human resource function seeks to improve the performance of the workforce without having to hire new people for the job placements available. These managers can improve the performance of their workforce by demanding that the team members deliver more. c.Talent effective strained by new realities Interdependence has tremendously influenced how work is done within an organization as many opt to collaborate for the good of the business and the achievement of organizational goals. Collaboration makes the job of managing the workforce to be easy as they work towards the achievement of effective processes. Additionally, the performance of one employee tends to affect the performance of his/her peers making it important for managers to influence them to put in more effort. Interactions are also necessary when it comes to getting the job done as employees need each other for them to complete their tasks. d. A new Convergence of talent and business management The workplace has continued to change over the years while the talent has also been challenging, making it needful to collaborate talent management to ease the complex situation. Employees have to align themselves with the visions of the managers so as to be relevant to the business and its practice. 2. Four generations of people The silents- these are individuals born between 1925 and 1946. They are loyal, dedicated and risk-averse as their values are influenced by the fact that that they were present during the Great Depression and World War II. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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