Notice of cafeteria construction - Case Study Example

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Therefore, the cafeteria will be closed from next Wednesday, May 15, 6am to Friday, May 17, 9pm.
Among the employee benefit programs, the…
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Notice of cafeteria construction
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Notice of cafeteria construction RE: Notice of cafeteria construction Dear ColdStone Employees,
Following your efforts and hard work towards the development of the organization, we have decided to renovate our current gourmet cafeteria. Therefore, the cafeteria will be closed from next Wednesday, May 15, 6am to Friday, May 17, 9pm.
Among the employee benefit programs, the cafeteria where employees can get acquainted with other colleagues was found to be the most important contributor to the productivity improvement. Therefore, the purpose of the expansion is to make the cafeteria more comfortable place so that employees can get along with each other more actively during the meal breaks. After the renovation, the changes will be made as follows:
Number of items
Before renovation
After renovation
Meeting room
Meanwhile, you will have to eat lunch outside our building for the three days. Our company has made contracts with three restaurants on Lifelong Building, whose location is next to our building. You will not have to use money to get services from the restaurants for the three days shutdown period. The restaurant will allow every individual to have meals that do not exceed twenty dollars per day upon retrieval of their Employees ID as you would do at our cafeteria. To make it clear, you may spend twenty dollars including taxes in each restaurant (up to 60 dollars in total) in three days. The available restaurants include:
Chow King
Green Living
Sandwich shop
Sonford Hamburger
Fast food
If you have any queries regarding the closure of the cafeteria, you can get most of answers from our constructors’ website The Human Resource Team are also ready to answer any queries regarding the closure of our cafeteria. Sorry, for any inconvenience caused.
Best regards,
Jason Moore,
Operations Manager Read More
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(Notice of Cafeteria Construction Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Notice of Cafeteria Construction Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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