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Dissertation,Cross Culture Communication at Restaurant - Literature review Example

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People within the same cultural environment have different ways of communicating among themselves and interacting with people from other cultures. In a broader…
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Dissertation,Cross Culture Communication at Restaurant
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Extract of sample "Dissertation,Cross Culture Communication at Restaurant"

Download file to see previous pages Perhaps it is imperative to understand culture because it is the backbone of solving intercultural communication in every organizational set-up including restaurants.
Merkin (2011) defines it; culture refers to customs, beliefs and formalities that define a society. Society in this context may be tribe, nation, region or business entities. The technological advancements and emergencies of multinational companies operating across borders consider the study of cross-cultural communication an inevitable move. For instance, if a U.S companies considers establishing a Greenfield investment in Nigeria, the company needs to understand how to communicate with Nigerians because aspects such as marketing largely depend on communication. Additionally, the company will have to employee Nigerians to work hence knowing how to talk enables the company handle their workforce appropriately. The scenario primarily applies to the hospitality industry that absorbs a large number of workers. Merkin (2011) emphasizes that migration across borders has been on the increase due to the quick transportation means, hence understanding cross-cultural communication helps people when they seek opportunities in various industries. Organizations too, benefit as they get to comprehend how to manage a diverse workforce.
First, the demographic shifts illustrate that international migration is on the rise due to factors such as education, business activities, and work and government diplomacy. Evidently, people from different nations, tribes and regions are likely to find themselves existing in a single social setting. Understanding cross-cultural communication is necessary to promote harmonious living where people do not feel their culture is despised.
Secondly, intercultural communication is strategically important to companies that have the diversified workforce and operate as multinational (Pekerti and Thomas, 2015). For instance, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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