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Multiculturalism: The case of British Society - Dissertation Example

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Multiculturalism: The Case of British Society Multiculturalism is a widely known idea which is being understood by everyone around the globe. The term multiculturalism is a combination of two words, ‘multi’ which means more than one and ‘culturalism’ refers to the existence and practicing of more than one culture…
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Multiculturalism: The case of British Society
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Download file to see previous pages Britain is a country which provides refuge to approximately 60.6 million people (UKinsolvakia 2011). These immigrants provide a platform to different religions, cultures and races to integrate and flourish. Britain’s success is the simplest and most evident confirmation that multiculturalism is a blessing. Therefore, it would be proven by analyzing few facts of British Society. It was the era of colonialism when Britain sent armies around the east. The east India trading company from country to country contact and got a taste of other cultures. People started immigrating in numbers after World War 1 that continued to change the trends of British society as it is today. Firstly, one of the blessings of multiculturalism in Britain; it harbors the human dignity that leads to foster a better understanding of humankinds. Interpersonal communication and relationships between the individuals or groups of two different cultures promotes harmony and sociability in British society. Eventually, it helps to nurture the country towards the pinnacle. Therefore, it proves that Multiculturalism is a blessing to the British Society. Secondly, Multiculturalism in British society disintegrates ignorance and distrust between or among the fellow citizens. The least communication gap between the people or groups of different culture leads to the eradication of misunderstandings among People in British Society. And that provides the foundations of trust and harmony among the people. Thus, it can be concluded that Multiculturalism in British society is a blessing. Thirdly, Multiculturalism in British Society supplanted the dry uniformity of a non-multicultural society. To understand this, equate this with a lighter example as a Color-Television super ceded the tedium of a Black & White Television. It is evident that British Society has vividness due to multiculturalism. People love multifariousness around them. Therefore, it proves that Multiculturalism in British society is not a curse, but a blessing. Moreover, British society warns and forbids ignoramuses from being openly discriminatory or racist (Racial Discrimination Act). Multiculturalism in British Society advances the principle that race consciousness may be irrelevant, especially in the light of global village. Multiculturalism is an agent of equality in British Society. It shields the social control and harmony among the different cultures that ultimately benefit the whole society. Hence, it depicts that Multiculturalism is a blessing for British Society (Hadjetian 2008). Take for instance; Multiculturalism in British fosters the British economy in pleasing direction. Mainly in Urban areas of Britain, skilled People emigrate from their countries that are incorporated in the work force. The technological advancement in the country requires a cheap labor force from the third world countries. Multiculturalism in British helps to absorb such people from the third world countries. So, it is evident that multiculturalism is a blessing for British society. Adopting of other cultures in music and arts is another example of fixing the social fabric in British society. It promotes the social control, harmony among the different cultures. People of different cultures interact and work together in social institutions (Educational, Political, Media and Social Control ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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