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Hennes & Mauritz is one of the biggest retail shops in the world which has established itself to a near monopoly status in the society dealing in cloths. It has spread its reach and tentacles around the globe due to the fact that quality and variety are its benchmarks and…
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
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Download file to see previous pages Accordingly, H&M spends resources both financial and human to facilitate programs and ideals which are not principally profit making but touch the lives of people and leave a lasting impact on them. They include engaging in activities and outreach programs which would meet the society in their various points of need as would be identified in various points in time.
This is a phenomenon where the business seeks to cover the negative effects occasioned to the environment and the society at large upfront to avoid an even larger effect in subsequent times. It could come in the form of environmental protection and conservancy such as H&M providing seedlings to be planted for future benefits while being alive and cognizant about current costs and risks or threats. (OConnor & Shumate, 2010). For instance most multinational are guilty of environmental degradation and pollution which is a negative externality and a direct cost to the immediate environment. Therefore, the immediate community would form a negative perception and bad will towards such a company. However, the case is different in H&M because protection and conservancy is their core mandate in endearing their product to the local community. Therefore, it is part of H&M to appeal to the local community by taking care of the environment
Is the instance where companies such as H&M choose to share their abundance with the less fortunate people in the society by articulating and covering their needs and shortcomings (Dean, 2014). Intuitively, the business also markets themselves in the course of the corporate social responsibility. Apart from creating employment for the disabled H&M provide discount offers to disabled community. The aim basically is to show appreciation and concern to people with special needs. H&M has also invested in programs that create awareness of people with special needs. For instance, H&M buys wheel chairs and white sticks to the less ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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