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The analysis of the project will consist of assessing the plans and attending a field visit to the site of the project. The construction executive will be part of the…
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Road Construction Project Road Construction Project Choose a project. Define scope. The road construction project will be divided into phases that will be determined by the construction manager. The analysis of the project will consist of assessing the plans and attending a field visit to the site of the project. The construction executive will be part of the design team who are required to provide input on phasing, schedule, material availability, constructability and cost throughout the project layout.
Identify Stakeholders. (Make up them)
In this road construction project, various stakeholders play a vital role in the completion of the project. Primarily, the project relies on the casual workers in the running of the manual work. The project managers are highly experienced in building and construction as the project highly involves much of construction. The internal workers are also critical in coordinating the construction. Most of the internal workers are highly experienced in finance management and their input to the projects is critical due to financial reasons.
Planning consultants, Architect, surveyors are very critical as the project is certainly a sensitive one. Without the approval of the surveyors, the project can barely move on since road construction involves many designs, which can only be carried out, by a surveyor and Architect (Sears & Sears, 2010).
Create a 3 point Communication plan to manage communications between the stakeholders
The project success will depend on how well the stakeholders will communicate. A good communication plan will ensure that every stakeholder is actively involved in the road construction project. The success of the project is a matter of effective communication. In the course of the road construction project, communication is done in various ways. The most form of communication includes written, oral and non-verbal communication.
Choose one project task and create a 3 point WBS (working breakdown structure)
Table 1 represents different tasks that will be carried out by the projects and the responsible stakeholders. The architect undertakes the planning task. As noted in Table 1, the architect is required to plan for the project in four days.
Task Name
Construction Plan
Construction Managers
Internal workers, Casual workers,
New Road
Construction Managers
Complete Road
Table 1
Assign durations to the WBS (working breakdown structure) points.
The success of the project depends on how professional the manager regards time management. In some cases, the participant may lack enthusiasm as they continue with the project. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the project manager to ensure that the project does not derail due to time management problems. This can be done by assigning durations to the WBS.
Identify three most important items in the project that you will pay most attention to, during the project.
As indicated in Table 1, the projects there are various items that are involved in the projects. Nevertheless, during the project, it is important to pay attention to some of the items. Time management is one of the most important items that should be paid more attention during the project. The achievement of the project will be determined by how efficient time will be utilized.
Additionally, having discussed the role of every stakeholder, it is very clear that planning is critical to the road construction project. Any project that has an outline of the milestones that needs to be undertaken is assured success (Sears & Sears, 2010).
Lastly, finalization is a paramount item during road construction project. Construction manager undertakes finalization and it is expected to run for 3 working days. Generally, project items are completed within a particular timeframe. Upon conducting the final touches, the construction manager will be required to invite the top executives for approval of the entire project.
Sears, S. K., & Sears, G. A. (2010). Construction Project Management: A Practical Guide to
Field Construction . New York: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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