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Their advanced media channels employ the increased utilization of technology to ensure clients receive the best legal representation and advice from wherever…
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Reynold Defense Firm
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Extract of sample "Reynold Defense Firm"

Reynolds Defense Firm Affiliations Reynolds Defense Firm Reynolds defense firm has numerous resources that give them a comparative and competitive advantage over other firms. Their advanced media channels employ the increased utilization of technology to ensure clients receive the best legal representation and advice from wherever they are. The media channels employ the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and other professional partners like LinkedIn and JUSTIA Lawyers. It is this communication strategy that supports effective interaction through the social media where individuals can gain immediate feedback on their queries. Moreover, the communication strategy eliminates issues of delay and client dissatisfaction, which may have adverse impacts on the business activities of the firm.
The media channels allow the firm to exploit an environmental advantage since our services don’t discriminate customers on grounds of financial strengths. The call services provide free consultation opportunities a move not experienced with most legal firms. In matters of dependability to offer legal assistance with no emphasis on financial gain, the firm is a winner. Their services get based on the founders numerous encounters with the legal system on issue majoring with DUI. The members of staff have developed efficient communication skills that allow for the delivering of quality responses customized so that it can suit the prevailing situation.
Other than the online communication media, the firm has a newsletter that outlines some of the developing issues relating to the legal system. In these newsletters, the firm provides several remedies and measures that people should take when faced with a criminal or DUI charge. Individuals can also email the firm outlining their charges to receive free advice or seek representation in any region in Oregon. All media channels adopted ensure a successful dialog between the clients and a legal representative from the firm.
The following is a table illustrating the firm’s media channels:
Media channel
Official website
(503) 223-3422
[email protected]
JUSTIA Lawyers
Google Plus
Reynolds Defense Firm. (2015). Portland criminal lawyer - Oregon DUII attorney - Multnomah County criminal defense lawyer. Retrieved from Read More
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