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The purpose of the writer of the paper "Role Of Manager And Organizational Theory" is to discuss the primary role of the organizational theory in a company, that is to set guidelines and standards for what the managers are expected to do in an organization…
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Role Of Manager And Organizational Theory
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Role Of Manager And Organizational Theory
Under the assumption of the organizational theory, managers tends to define their role in an organization in respect on how their employees see their leadership role. For instance, a worker may have unsatisfied client, but instead of making decision on resolving the conflict with the client, they turn to the managers. This is because it falls under the responsibility of the manager. The managers take the role of implementing the gathered information on the problems that the client faces. It is the role of the manager to resolve the issues derived from the gathered information. Therefore, according to the organizational theory, the role of the manager is to solve problems that faces the customers(Jones, 2001). Consequently, the primary role of the organizational theory in a firm is to set guidelines and standards for what the managers are expected to do in an organization. In a suitable world, the conflict role of the theory is never an issue since the role managers think they should play and those that employees think they need to play is always in a sync proportion.
Heineken Company poses to be one of the greatest organization in the universe. The management of the company has contributed to the success of the company. The management of the company has set the role of the managers and employees based on the organizational theory. The problems that arises in the company are always analyzed and reacted critically before coming up with a decision. The management uses this technique to reduce the conflict issues in a company. The company understands that avoiding issues or conflicts within the organization may prohibit the manager from playing their management role (Jones, 2001).

Jones, G. (2001). Organizational theory. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall. Read More
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