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Technology entrepreneur - Case Study Example

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As need drives innovation, Drew Houston was forced to come up with this idea after he faced challenges on storage of his data. To be specific, he could not access his data from wherever he wished to unless he…
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Technology entrepreneur
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Download file to see previous pages Here, files were stored on the internet and could be accessed from any computer that had Dropbox and in the network. According to Houston, Dropbox took the best elements of subversion, trac and rsyn and made them just work.
Unlike other file storage companies, Dropbox’s model was framed in a way that it was simple to use. Despite the calls for additional features that could alter the initial company plan, Houston, and fellow co-founder, maintains the simple image as a selling point. In their model, they championed for two platforms namely; the free platform and premium platform. In the open platform, he planned to offer 1-gigabyte storage space for any user and a charge for the additional storage. It is contrary to the premium account where individuals and medium-sized enterprises would subscribe to pay. Dropbox offers extra free storage to members that refer others to the program (Kotler and Deans 336)
The Y Combinator was an incubation program where startups applied for consideration for training and mentorship. At the end of the three-month program, each startup would pitch to potential investors and had a possibility of getting much funding. For Dropbox founders, all went well and were admitted to the program. While in the program, they held two hypotheses; Targeting individuals and businessmen was most viable and secondly; targeting companies was difficult due to bureaucracies. Houston also believed that making Dropbox simple was the right recipe for success.
By June of 2010, he confirmed that using individuals and businessmen as an entry-to-market strategy worked. Medium sized organizations could not allow an employee to use Dropbox to store files unless certified by the IT department. However, this was a challenge in that, to be approved, testing was necessary. Additionally, the need for extra features to meet client needs was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technology Entrepreneur Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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