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Explain. (Assume that the employee must have the basic qualifications for the job in order to be hired.)
I believe that it is more essential for the employee to fit the…
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Management of Human ReSOURCES class discussion wk7
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In your opinion, is an employee’s fit with the job specifically or the organization overall more important? Explain. (Assume that the employee must have the basic qualifications for the job in order to be hired.)
I believe that it is more essential for the employee to fit the organization more than the job, not because the employee-job fit is not important, but because employee-organization fit can ensure that the employee can fit into and thrive in the organizational culture. In particular, if the applicant already has the basic qualifications for the job and there are many other applicants with similar qualifications, then the next screening stage should determine if they can be engaged employees in the company because they believe in and practice the organization’s core values and principles that shape its culture. A great example is Southwest Airlines that hires people who are fun-loving and can be team players. It is not focusing on the employee-job fit alone, but on the employee-organization fit.
Which elements of the employee selection process do you consider absolutely essential? Why?
I believe that the elements of the employee selection process that are absolutely essential are determining valid and reliable assessment techniques because they must be able to measure the right predictors for the company. These predictors refer to skill, knowledge, ability, personality, and behavioral styles (including communication style) that are important for the organization and the job opening. For instance, the personality traits of being gregarious and exuberant are more important for a real estate broker than a computer engineer. HR must be able to use the proper assessment techniques that will predict the candidate’s employee-job fit and employee-organization fit.
Which methods of job applicant assessment do you feel provide the most useful and/or reliable results? Explain.
I think the methods of job applicant assessment that are most useful and/or provide reliable results depend on the job. I believe that, for entry-level jobs, work simulations would be useful in determining if the applicant can truly perform the job. An example is letting a call center job applicant take a mock customer call to determine if she can handle calls politely and effectively. Assessment centers are more appropriate for managerial and higher-level positions because they can observe and check the applicant’s actual knowledge, skills, and attitudes in different situations. Interviews are important for any position, nevertheless, because they can show how the candidates communicate and how they respond to different cases and questions.
Jackson, S.E., Schuler, R.S., & Werner, S. (2012). Managing human resources (11th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage. Read More
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